Paladin is a one-stop solution. We provide the drone, software, and data management platform, as well as any all waivers from the FAA on behalf of your department to ensure you are compliant and can operate legally.

Paladin EXT - Limitless Range, Unlimited Possibilities.

Paladin EXT

Limitless Range.  Unlimited Possibilities


Extend the operating range of your DJI M30 or M300 with Paladin’s new EXT LTE Module.

With a quick and simple installation of the LTE module to the drone’s PSDK port, you can now leverage the stable connection of LTE to fly further and see more without relying on traditional radio frequencies.


Long Flight Time, Fast & Efficient Response


Specifically designed for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions, Knighthawk uses an LTE connection which allows it to reach the 3-mile radius limit required by the FAA with ease.

With a 55 minute battery life with payload, users have ample time for the majority of situations to gather intel and can answer multiple calls in one flight. Knighthawk is manufactured in Houston, TX USA.


Fly, Stream, and Manage Data


Watchtower is Paladin’s all-in-one Drone as a First Responder software platform. Remotely operate a drone through multiple means of connection, stream video feed to any internet connected device, and manage your program with flight logging, users, and more.

FAA Program & Setup

End-to-End FAA Waiver Process


The FAA can be a daunting agency to navigate without prior experience. We get beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) 91.113b exemptions on the Certificate of Authorization (COA) or Jurisdictional COA (JCOA) on behalf of our partner public safety agencies and then transfer it to their CAPS account. Whether you have no prior waivers from the FAA or have had a COA for a year, we handle the whole process.

See Paladin in Action

With a radio-based program, you will always need someone on the roof holding a remote controller because they rely on a connection from remote controller to drone.

Paladin EXT eliminates the need for a Remote-Pilot-in-Charge (RPIC) on the roof and you can now utilize visual observers spread out throughout the city. This is a massive benefit to most departments who are tight on budget and limited on staff.

Schedule a Live Demo

Control Drone & Live Video Feed

Our Demos are conducted via zoom while the participants control a real-time live stream of an active drone in the field. Our team can help:


Walk through a live demo of watchtower DFR


Answer any questions you have about Paladin’s DFR Solution


Advise on how to start a DFR Program


Walk through a live demo of watchtower DFR

Watchtower Drone as a First Responder (DFR) Platform
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