LTE-Enabled UAVs Empowering Public Safety 

Drone as a first responder (DFR) technology giving first responders a live overhead view before they arrive on scene. 

Drone as a First Responder (DFR)

Situational awareness & Deconfliction on 911 calls:

Without reliable and consistent information of a 911 emergency prior to arrival, first responders are not able to establish an effective plan in response to a dynamic situation. The live overhead view is the ultimate information gathering tool to promote a more safe and effective response. 

Resource Allocation & A force multiplier

Departments around the country are experiencing staffing shortages causing a slower response time, straining valuable resources, and leaving a queue of calls in the CAD. With a DFR program, departments can get eyes on lower priority or pending calls and clear them, improving their response.

An Autonomous

Gather Intel, Plan Ahead, Execute On Arrival


Deploy drones autonomously to 911 calls


Access a live and controllable video feed


Gather valuable situational awareness before arrival


Share a live video feed with unlimited viewers


Eliminate the need for RPICs on rooftops


Allocate resources more effectively by clearing lower-priority CAD calls

Paladin EXT - Limitless Range, Unlimited Possibilities.
Paladin EXT - Limitless Range, Unlimited Possibilities.

“To have that unit overhead providing valuable information, intelligence, can be a game changer as to making sure we have good outcomes.”

Chief Ray Schultz, Memorial Village PD

Streamlined Call Response



Receive 911 Call

Once a 911 call is received, the dispatcher immediately begins asking questions to assess the scene and gather as much useful information for first responders as possible. Simultaneously, they are relaying this information to them.

Having a live stream allows trained first responders to look for helpful information like a subject’s location, level of danger, crowds, etc.

Deploy UAS

Right when the call is answered, the caller’s location is sent to Watchtower, Paladin’s DFR platform. Then, with one mouse click, an LTE-enabled drone takes off and autonomously flies to the location, arriving in minutes.


Gather Intel

The drone reaches the scene before first responders, giving them a live stream of the scene on any internet-connected device. They can assess the scene while en route or personnel in a real-time crime center, dispatch, and/or specialized drone unit can quarterback the call for them by calling out key information. Watchtower provides situational information to help first responders plan ahead.

Control the drone’s flight and camera (zoom, thermal) all in one place with just a few clicks. There is no need for a remote controller or personnel on a rooftop

Return to Home

Once the call has been cleared, simply click ‘RTH’ and the drone automatically flies back to its home base. As the drone lands, flight data is automatically uploaded to Watchtower.

Schedule a Live Demo

Control a Drone & Live Video Feed

Our Demos are conducted via zoom while the participants control a real-time live stream of an active drone in the field. Our team can help:


Walk through a live demo of Watchtower


Answer any questions you have about Paladin’s DFR Solution


Advise on how to start a DFR Program


Provide you with a quote

Watchtower Drone as a First Responder (DFR) Platform

Case Studies

Learn about how these departments started their program within a few months and how we helped them achieve tangible results. Get insights on training, the BVLOS waiver process, and examples of calls responded to.

Applications in Your Industry


Gain valuable situational awareness and intel like:

  • Whether a response is needed
  • If more units are needed
  • Whether the suspect is armed
  • Vehicle descriptions (make/model/license)
  • Locations (ingress/egress)


Plan effectively before arrival and assess:

  • Hot spots
  • Structural integrity of a building
  • Civilians at risk
  • Ingress & egress points
  • Potential points of entry




Sheriffs and

State Troopers

Respond more rapidly in rural expanses and better understand:

  • Number of units needed
  • Where the closest backup unit is located
  • The possibility of coordinating a response from miles away via drone footage.




Control multiple UAV’s across multiple locations for use cases in:

  • Campus/Education
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Energy & Utility
  • Government & Municipal
  • Commercial


Watch a Demo

See Paladin in Action

Watch a recent flight demo showcasing Watchtower, our Drone as a First Responder (DFR) platform. See how departments and organizations are able to control the drone’s flight and video feed from miles away, all through a stable LTE connection.

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