Limitless Range. Unlimited Possibilities

Unlock BVLOS flight for your DJI Matrice 30 or Matrice 300 through the power of LTE
Paladin EXT - Limitless Range, Unlimited Possibilities.
No RPICs on Roofs
No personnel required on rooftops to operate
Compatible with DJI Matrice 300 & Matrice 30
Unlimited with LTE
Paladin EXT - Limitless Range, Unlimited Possibilities.

Unlock LTE for DJI

Extend the operating range of your DJI M30 or M300 with Paladin’s new EXT LTE Module.

With a quick and simple installation of the LTE module to the drone’s PSDK port, you can now leverage the stable connection of LTE to fly further and see more without relying on traditional radio frequencies. Starting a Drone as a First Responder (DFR) program and flying BVLOS is now as simple as that.

Introducing a new frontier in LTE drone technology.

No RPICs on Rooftops

Leverage the stable connection of LTE and eliminate the need for RPICs on rooftops. Instead, utilize a network of visual observers. This helps understaffed departments make the most of their personnel and budget when starting a DFR program.

See our Odessa PD/FD case study to learn more about how they started a DFR program operating with a large deficit in staffing.

Cost Effective UAS and Drone as a First Responder Programs 

Because of the extended coverage and the ability to fly BVLOS, LTE-based drone programs require fewer drones in the air, fewer software licenses, and no RPICs on rooftops to operate. Based on a 56-square-mile coverage area in Odessa, TX, only 3 DJI M300s or M30’s are necessary to cover the same area as a traditional RF-based program, which would require 10 drones.

Reach out to us today and find out how LTE UAVs and a DFR program can help your first responders make informed decisions and operate more efficiently.



RPIC’s per shift
Hardware Needed
Software Needed
24/7 Deployment Costs

10 RPIC’s

10 drones

10 software licenses


0 RPIC needed on rooftop

3 drones

3 software licenses


LTE vs Radio-Based Coverage

With an LTE connection, your DJI drone is able to safely travel a 3-mile radius from its home base as seen by the orange circles, which is the limit set forth by the FAA for BVLOS operations.
Traditional radio-based drones have real world condition ranges demonstrated by the 1.5 mile radius grey circles. By leveraging the power of LTE, you can eliminate the need for larger fleets and RPIC’s on rooftops and cut down on unnecessary costs to cover the same area. LTE allows for a 10:3 coverage when compared to radio-controlled drones in Odessa, TX.

LTE is also the reason we are able to acquire BVLOS waivers without the need for an RPIC on the rooftop.

Comparison is based on Odessa, TX’s coverage area of 56 sq. mil. Cost analysis based on hardware, software, and support staff. With LTE, RPIC’s on the roof aren’t necessary. This is a massive benefit especially for understaffed departments who simply can’t staff that many officers to support the program. LTE makes DFR a true force multiplier

See Paladin EXT in Action

With a radio-based program, you will always need someone on the roof holding a remote controller because they rely on a connection from remote controller to drone.

Paladin EXT eliminates the need for a Remote-Pilot-in-Charge (RPIC) on the roof and you can now utilize visual observers spread out throughout the city. This is a massive benefit to most departments who are tight on budget and limited on staff.

Case Studies

Elizabeth Police Department

Drone as a First Responder Program


Program Started:

Odessa Police & Fire Department

 Drone as a First Responder Program

Program Started:

Memorial Villages Police Department

Drone as a First Responder Program


Program Started:

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