We’re building the next big drone innovation. In five years, no one will remember what it was like to not have drones as first responders. Help create the future of public safety.

About Working at Paladin

Fast And Fun


We’re a group of passionate entrepreneurs in a fast-paced industry with a vision of a future in which first responders are more efficient, safer, and equipped with vital drone technology and information. We value inclusivity, diversity, and authenticity.

Paladin deploys autonomous drones to 911 calls. Our first drone, Knighthawk, arrives on the scene of an emergency in under 2 minutes and gives first responders a live overhead view of the scene before they arrive, helping reduce response times and increase situational awareness. Knighthawk is a fully autonomous LTE drone with unlimited range, a 55-minute battery life, and responds to over 130 calls each week across several cities. Over the next decade, our tech will be in every city across the world helping first responders save lives.

While we work very hard to innovate the best drone technology for first responders and public safety, we don’t forget to have fun. We’re a small company with big dreams and big growth opportunities.

Open Positions

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Account Executive

We’ve created a software platform that allows for full control of UAVs over LTE and 5G, and allows autonomous functionality, as well as video streaming. Our strong relations with local cities and our understanding of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has also allowed us to get waivers to fly our UAVs in any city – this has put us in a great position to expand quickly into as many cities as possible. We’re growing our team and our tech, and are currently looking for an experienced salesperson to help us increase our momentum and secure new contracts with departments across the country.​

A Typical Week

  • You’ll hunt new leads and make new connections via cold-calling, warm intros, and networking
  • You’ll collaborate with Engineering to build new features for our large-and-growing user base
  • You’ll maintain existing relationships with departments reaching out to ensure quality of service
  • You’ll give live (remote) demos to potential clients showing them exactly how to use our drones
  • You’ll walk clients through the FAA process and work with the team to get new accounts up and running

Job Requirements

  • Passion. Motivation comes and goes, but passion never fades.
  • Experience in B2B, B2G sales.
  • Experience in cold calling, fielding questions, and objection handling
  • The will to learn. This industry doesn’t exist yet nor do its sales methods
  • Experience working with remote teams

Electronics Engineer

We are seeking a skilled Electronics Engineer to join our dynamic team in a full-time hybrid role based in Houston, TX. This position is crucial for developing and improving the electrical systems that power our groundbreaking emergency response drones. You will play a pivotal role in designing electrical circuitry, developing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), sourcing manufacturers, overseeing production processes, and contributing to the continuous enhancement of our products. This role offers the opportunity to make significant contributions to life-saving technology, working at the intersection of innovation and practical application.


  • Design and develop electrical circuits and PCBs for our autonomous drone systems.
  • Collaborate closely with the embedded systems and software development teams to ensure seamless integration of electrical components.
  • Contribute to production processes, including selection of components, assembly techniques, and quality control measures.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve electrical issues, enhancing system reliability and performance.
  • Contribute to the development of new products and features, focusing on scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in electronics engineering, applying this knowledge to drive innovation within Paladin’s product lineup.
  • Work in a hybrid environment, collaborating with team members both in-person in Houston, TX, and remotely.


Embedded Engineer

We’re hiring embedded engineers who want to build products that save lives. Experience with Linux and RTOS is great, and a background with C/C++. Super plus if you’ve worked with IoT, cellular-connected devices before. Knighthawk can be controlled with the touch of one button from anywhere in the world, and this role would focus on adding more autonous features to the drone and shipping new features every week based off requests from our first responder customers. Experience with drone frameworks such as MAVSDK, PX4, MavLink are great but not required.


Software Engineer C/C++

We’re hiring Software Engineers who want to build products that save lives. Our drones can be controlled with the touch of one button from anywhere in the world, and this role would focus on writing flight critical control code, code for automating logging and software updates, integrating with 3rd party APIs and SDKs.

React/Full Stack Developer

We’re hiring full stack web developers who want to build products that save lives. Knighthawk can be controlled from anywhere in the world with any internet-connected device, and are looking to add to our web-dev team to build the best user interface possible that allow for fully autonomous control of the drone. We are also integrating several 3rd party APIs to make integrations with other complementary companies, building out analytic tools, and adding feature requests from customers every week. Experience with React is great, as well as working with AWS/Firebase for real-time data operations.

Video Engineer

We’re hiring a video engineer who wants to build products that save lives. Knighthawk live streams a 1080p video over LTE/Cellular, and we want to keep building better compression and decompression algorithms to increase quality and decrease latency. Today, we can stream 1080p at <200ms, but want to make it even lower and find a way to do this via 4k video as well. We’ll have succeeded when we can control a drone from a laptop as if it’s a first-person-view game! Experience with streaming formats such as WebRTC, HLS, RTMP are great, as well as experience with FFMPEG, OpenCV, etc. Experiencing working on embedded devices is a plus!

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