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There Has To Be a Better Way


Paladin founder Divy Shrivastava spent most of his childhood in a town 25 minutes north of Columbus, Ohio. In 2016, just as he was readying to attend Berkeley for engineering, a close friend’s house caught fire and burned down. This event had a massive impact on Divy and the community as a whole.

After talking to the local fire chief, he learned two important facts:1) a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. 2) First responders never have enough information when they arrive on the scene. This is because when someone calls 911, they’re usually panicked or not trained to assess a scene. He knew there had to be a better way.

After another fire burned down a campus church during his first year at Berkeley, Divy set out to found Paladin with a single mission – Send autonomous drones to 911 calls to give first responders a live overhead view of an emergency before they arrive, helping to increase situational awareness, decrease response times, and save lives.

Our Mission:

Paladin’s Commitment

Paladin’s mission is to deploy autonomous drones to 911 calls. Equipped with the latest in LTE-enabled drone technology, first responders can increase their situational awareness, operate more effectively, and save lives.

Our Vision:

The Future of DFR

To have a UAV responding to every 911 call in the United States by 2027. The information is paramount, the technology exists and is rapidly improving, and the need is there. We want to help.

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