The FAA BVLOS Waiver Process. Simplified.

Paladin is not a governing authority for aviation. Any subjective language is based on experience and should not be read as a rule or regulation. For exact rules, regulations, and information, please contact your local FAA representative and/or visit https://www.faa.gov.

FAA Waivers & DFR Setup

The FAA can be a daunting agency to navigate without prior experience. We get beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) 91.113b exemptions on the Certificate of Authorization (COA) or Jurisdictional COA (JCOA) on behalf of our partner public safety agencies and then transfer it to their CAPS account. Whether you have no prior waivers from the FAA or have had a COA for a year, we can do the whole process.

What are the rules and regulations for operating under part 107? What about under a Certificate of Authorization (COA)? When can I fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)? What is a Concept of Operations (CONOPS)? Where do I file that? Do I get the tactical BVLOS (TBVLOS) waiver or the BVLOS waiver? What mitigations do I need in place? Where is all this paperwork located? What are the lead times? What information does the FAA waiver team need to make a decision on whether you can operate BVLOS? What is CAPS? How much flight reporting is needed?

What’s a complicated process the first time becomes significantly easier after successfully completing the waiver process. . Let us navigate the FAA and work with you to get the program started. We’re not saying there won’t be bumps in the road, but chances are we’ve hit them already and have a roadmap to overcome them.

Our Process

Learn about you

What are you trying to accomplish? What is the geographical layout of your city? Hospital heliports? Major airports? Regional airports? Metropolitan vs suburban?

Paperwork from you

We’ll need three documents from the department all of which should take less than an hour of work.

Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

This is the application we create for you based on your specified launch locations. It is a twenty-ish page document that outlines how you plan to operate safely beyond visual line of sight. When and how do you plan to operate BVLOS? For what missions and why? What aircrafts are you using? What visual observer mitigations do you plan on using? What safety mitigations does the tech have? What happens if there is a loss of connection? What are the see and avoid procedures you need in place?


The FAA wants to know what risks there are to flying beyond visual line of sight in your specific location and how you are mitigating them. This application is your document. We create and work with you to make sure it has everything it needs as far as hazards.


The process should take 4-8 weeks depending on the documents you currently have. Total work for the department’s POC should be no more than 30 minutes total.

FAA Case Studies

Elizabeth Police Department

Class B Airspace


Program Started:

Odessa Police Department

Class C & E Airspace


Program Started:

Memorial Villages Police Department

Class G Airspace


Program Started:

How to Start a DFR Program

Paladin is a one-stop solution. We provide the drone, software, and data management platform, as well as any all waivers from the FAA on behalf of your department to ensure you are compliant and can operate legally. These include any COA’s needed as well as any BVLOS waivers, which allows operators to control the aircraft without direct line-of-sight. We’ll also train your organization on the technology and only begin active deployments when you’re ready


We help you determine which hardware you need, the requirements for battery life and range, as well as assess the capabilities of your current drone inventory.


Watchtower, our DFR platform is a simple-to-use, intuitive platform perfect for high-stress autonomous flight. With unlimited viewers, multi-drone fleet management, and secure data management, you can easily deploy missions at the click of a button.

Data Management

Our secure data management system automatically logs flight info to the cloud. Easily export flight logs and mission data. Spend more time flying and less time doing paperwork.


We handle the entire waiver process. We’ll help you secure COAs (or JCOAs) and BVLOS waivers. No need for visual observers (VO) on the roof at all times. This VO methodology works because of our LTE connection.


While our system is really easy to use, we provide high-quality training and onboarding to ensure each department is fully ready to use the system before deployments begin.


Should you run into any issues with your Paladin-hardware, we will repair or replace your equipment, as the need arises.

Schedule a Live Demo

Control a Drone & Live Video Feed

Our Demos are conducted via zoom while the participants control a real-time live stream of an active drone in the field. Our team can help:


Walk through a live demo of Watchtower


Answer any questions you have about Paladin’s DFR Solution


Advise on how to start a DFR Program


Provide you with a quote

Watchtower Drone as a First Responder (DFR) Platform
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