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New Augmented Reality Overlay for Watchtower Adds Another Layer of Intelligence to DFR

January 30, 2023
Editorial Team
Paladin is excited to announce that we have added an Augmented Reality (AR) overlay to our Watchtower DFR platform, a feature that has been highly requested by our users. This AR feature, which is currently in Beta, provides pilots and incident commanders with an extra layer of intelligence to help locate subjects of interest, pinpoint exact locations, and coordinate more effectively with teams on the ground.

Watch our walkthrough Video:


To use this feature, pilots can select the AR radio button while the drone is in flight to instantly view an overlay displaying street names and house/building numbers. Our built-in calibration tool allows pilots to adjust the two zoom sliders and longitude and latitude sliders to achieve precise accuracy. Additionally, pilots can toggle street outlines on and off as needed to help with orientation.

One of the many potential applications for AR is the ability for the remote pilot-in-command to direct uniformed officers on the ground to the exact location of a suspect in hiding. This can be especially useful in complex urban environments and during night deployments.

Another use case is giving firefighters a clear picture of the specific buildings or structures that are affected (911 calls can often yield inaccurate or incomplete information) so they can effectively plan their approach on arrival.

We invite users to try out this new feature and we will continue to develop innovative drone technology to help first responders get eyes on a scene, gather situational awareness, and achieve better outcomes.

As always, we welcome any feedback to help us build the best DFR platform possible.

If you’re interested in scheduling a demo, Click Here. Have questions? Need help? Reach out to us today. 

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