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Autonomous Drones as First Responders

OSU Demo Day

11:00 am – 1:00 pm, July 5th (Tuesday)

Knowlton Hall, Ohio, United States

A live demo of Paladin’s Autonomous Drone as a First Responder Platform


Live Video Feed

Stream a live feed to first responders before they arrive to a 911 call while utilizing 10x optical zoom and thermal capabilities.

LTE and 55 Minute Battery Life

Using LTE, the drone is able to travel BVLOS to the 3-mile limit set by the FAA. Flying at 200 ft alt at 35 mph, the range is limited to the 55+ minute battery life (with payload).

BVLOS w VO Network

Due to Knigthawk’s LTE capabilities, we are able to get departments BVLOS waivers that do not require a VO to be stationed on a rooftop.


Multi-Drone Fleet Overview

If a department’s jurisdiction or call volume requires multiple drones for their desired coverage, the fleet overview allows operators to see the location of their drones. Integrated with a departments CAD, watchtower can automatically upload the location of a call into the queue. The system can then zero in on the drone with the optimal ETA and battery life.


Controls Live Feed

Unlimited viewing on desktop, tablet, and smartphone


With a few clicks, a drone can be overhead providing a live video feed. Control of the UAS can be as simple as clicking on the screen or as advanced as full control.

Integrated with DJI

Automatic Data Management

Cloud Storage or Hardware

Depending on the entities requirements, we can store the data to their liking.

Flight Logs

The details of each flight including path, duration, destination, and recording are easily accessible.

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