Paladin Drone's Commitment to Privacy and Transparency

Our company was founded with the goal of changing the way first responders apporach a situation. In professions in which the stakes are high, the pressure is intense, and quick decisions can be the difference between saving a home, de-escalating a situation, and protecting the public, information is paramount. We set out to create the future of first response - by changing the first responder to a fully autonomous drone - equiped with a best in-class camera. With this incredible tool comes a responsibilty to uphold the publics privacy and ensure that they feel comfortable as well as safer. We take this very seriously. Below are some common privacy questions and answers that serve as a guide and aim to set a standard in the drone industry as a whole.

Privacy Upheld

Questions about our Privacy and Transparency

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If a drone is flying overhead, is it recording me?

The Knighthawk drone takes off vertically to an altitude of 200ft. The camera is angled straight the whole time. The drone then flies at around 35 mph to the destination of the 911 call. Once there, the drone camera angles down and begins surveying the scene. From the drones home base to the location of the call, the drone cannot see specific details nor is it looking down. The only situaton in which the drone camera will be angled down while traveling to the destination is if the caller cannot accuratley identify and/or communicate the loaiton of the situation. The drone is then used to search for it enabling first responders to get their faster.

Is this legal?

We work exclusively with first responders and are pioneering the concept of Drones as First Responders (DFR). This means that each department that uses our service has a custom plan with the FAA to ensure that safety and privacy are being upheld. Paladin Drones specifically handles this protion of the process in order to ensure that our privacy and safety standards are being met.

Can the public request footage?

Departments reserve the right to show footage to the public. All footage is stored on the cloud by default but can be located on department servers if requested.

Can Paladin drones patrol neighboorhoods without there being an emergency?

Paladin drones cannot be deployed wihtout an incoming 911 call. They are strictly for first response to a 911 call. They will not patrol neighboorhoods without cause for a search.

Who controls the camera?

Any first responder with the watchtower software can control the camera. Fire, police, and EMS can all watch the live stream while en route.

When does a drone deploy?

Only after a 911 call is recieved and only when first responders deem it necessary.

If I call 911, will only the drone respond or will other units arrive?

TThis is up to the department. Drones as First Responders (DFR) are meant to aid first responders by preparing them ahead of time for each situation. With that being said, the drone is capable of showing a live stream in which departments can get eyes on and clear a situation.

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