Marketing Lead

We’re hiring for a marketing position to help us spread stories about Paladin, highlight our customers and their successes, and work towards the goal of getting as many drones responding to emergencies and saving lives as possible. Experience with social media campaigns, local press engagement, would be great; but what's required is a desire to help create the branding and messaging of a company from its very early steps. This becomes more and more crucial as we launch into new cities (and we're launching in several a month so far).

We are looking for someone who is high energy and passionate about taking charge of a startups marketing efforts. Our goal is to be able to educate as many people as possible on the benefits of Drone as a First Responder programs and our technology. While we are currently increasing out marketing efforts, a must have quality is the ability and desire to take a blank check and create a marketing process that works for Paladin.

A Typical Week

  • Work with partner departments to create content for social media, blogs, and newsletters.
  • Shape the position of the company and each new product offering.
  • Curate how we communicate our progress as a company and the benefits our technology is providing to departments.
  • Work with company leadership to ensure our message is consistently aligning with our values.


  • Passion. Motivation comes and goes, but passion never fades.
  • Experience in B2G marketing.
  • The ability to create content via photography: social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube)
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Experience working with remote teams

Bonus Points

  • Have worked in public safety
  • Have worked in government
  • Videography and video editing


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