To have that unit overhead providing valuable information, intelligence, can be a gamechanger as to making sure we have good outcomes.

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Chief Ray Schultz, Memorial Village PD

Watch Knighthawk in Action

Responds to calls, provides live video feed, and aids first responders.

Paladin Watchtower

Our all-in-one Streaming, Control, Data Management, and Analysis platform built to work with Knighthawk

Mulitple Viewing Options

In the squad car, on a computer, or through the mobile app, get a feed anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited Viewers

Fire, police, EMS, dispatcher, command staff and more can all see a live feed at once.

Ultralow Latency Video Stream

See it clearly, move the camera, circle around for a different angle, and use 10x zoom all with great qulaity.

Automated Mission Logging and Equipment Management

Never worry about records - Watchtower keeps them for you.

CAD system in patrol car watching drone footage

Step-by-Step Call Response

Recieve Call, Initiate Drone, Watch, Call Back

dispatch call center recieveing 911 call


Dispatcher Recieves 911 Call

Once the 911 call is recieved, the dispatcher immediatley begins asking questions to assess the scene and trying to gather as much useful information for the first responders as possible. Simultaneoulsy, they are relaying information to the first responders. Having a live stream allows for trained first responders to look for helpful information whether it be the location of something, level of danger, crowds, etc.


Initiate Drone

Right when the call is answered, the callers location is sent to Watchtower. Then, just click "start." Knighthawk is automatically takes off and flies to the location. The drone will arrive in less than 90 seconds.

drone camera before launch
officer watching live feed of autonomous drone footage



As Knighthawk arrives on scene, first responders can view the live stream on any internet-connected device. Watchtower provides situational information to help first responders plan ahead and help people more efficiently. Zoom in, move the camera, circle around to find better angles, use thermal, and control the drones behavior all in one place with one click.


Call Back

Once the situation has been cleared, simply click RTH and the drone automatically flies back to its home base. A few simple clicks get first responders eyes on within 90 seconds.

drone being called home autonomously by police

From The Ground

Working with Fire, Police, and EMS accross the US. Check out the excitement!

It protects the police, and it protects the citizens. If I was the bad guy, I'd think twice about coming into Piney Point Village."

Mayor Mark Kobelan, Piney Point Village, TX