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With a live video feed of any 911 emergency call, first responders have the power to make critical decisions before arriving at the scene. This provides a more efficient and safer outcome for all parties.

Use Cases

Learn how Paladin can help in a variety of different situations.

Situational Awareness

Often times, 911 callers are in a panic and cannot think clearly or are not trained to observe and remember certain details. Communication is key in the field which is why all first responders must know what they are going into.


Whether it be search and rescue, finding a fire and assessing its condition, or tracking a person of interest from the crime, our autonomous capabilities leave more time for officers to observe their surroundings in the field so as to stay safe while staying for informed than ever before.


Whether it be a crime scene, car accident, or active fire, different views lend different perspectives and unique insights. Some calls can be cleared via drone in a fraction of the time. Always be informed and have peace of mind knowing other first repsponders have eyes on.


In an age where technological advances are developing at incredible speeds, we believe it is the company's responsibility to ensure privacy and transparency is always the default option. Departments have the ability to rewatch and share any footage they deem necesary helping to put community members at ease when drones with cameras join their neighboorhood first responders. See our Commitment to Privacy and Transparency.

Drone as a First Repsponder

Hear how Paladin assists first responders.

Firefighters respond ...

whether it's a false alarm or not. No matter what, they must be ready to assist in countless situations at all hours of the day and night. Autonomous drones are always ready too. No matter the time nor how many calls to action there are, Paladin drones can provide eyes on the scene with thermal vision so firefighters can assess whether there is a fire and begin to strategize before arriving. If it's a false alarm, they'll be able to tell within 90 seconds.

firefighters spraying water on fire

A suspicious persons call...

was made by the mayor of Piney Point Village in Houston, TX one night. Knighthawk was there within 90 seconds. To the right is actual Knighthawk drone footage of the thermal camera surveiling the scene allowing for first responders to observe and decide the best course of aciton to take.

drone footage of suspicious persons 911 call

Locating and monitoring situations...

takes a few clicks. Locations are not always accurately given by 911 callers due to shock, not knowing, and other instances. Knighthawk can surveil day or night. Drones can also be deployed to monitor a situation in case back up is still en route. Car accidents, potential fires, and burglar alarms - false or real - can all have eyes on within seconds adding an extra elemnent of safety and preparedness for first responders.

thermal drone camera footage of car accident

Eyes on any situation with no memeory loss ...

helps with privacy and transparency. Say a community member wants to know why a drone is flying around her neighboorhood watching them, departments can show the video playback. Paladin drones takeoff straight up and then fly to their target. Unless looking for the situation such as a car accident or the unknown location of a fire, the drone camera does not look down nor can it see any specifics from its 200ft vantage point. Only when the drone arrives at the scene does the camera angle downward. Departments across the country have been committed to transparency and we want to help.

drone camera on grass

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